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My name is Summit, Web Summit!

The “Web Summit Lisbon 2016” is a fabulous event, one of the biggest that Lisbon has ever received. The numbers leave no doubt about it:

  1. more than 53,000 participants,

over 7,000 chief executive officers (CEOs),

  1. more than 15,000 companies from

  2. 166 countries …

These are interesting numbers in relation to the financial return that Lisbon and the country can expect and also in terms of promotion, but it is also certain that none of us – the participants – nor any company, will be able to contact everyone or attend all the talks,  keynotes, meetings, workshops or everything else that is happening and going to happen. My expectation is very high. But what am I going to do? What do I hope to find and how do I organize myself to ensure a sense of satisfaction in the end? Knowing that almost all projects fail due to planning problems, I am assuming my participation as a professional project. I have planned with some precision the events that I want to attend, within the tracks that interest me the most. And .. I have already told my family that I will be at the “Web Summit”, which takes place in a European city, which by the way happens to be Lisbon. The only difference is that I will go home to sleep and not to a hotel, I just do not know at what time I will arrive. Daniel Lança Perdigão, Strategist & Visual Thinker,

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