Sales competencies? We can count them by the fingers!

In a large number of countries, including Portugal, there are very few who take on the role of “sales”, so today I decided to write about this topic, since I believe that in any company, we all have to be a sales person … and a very good one. I know you can argue that not everyone receives bonuses, so they are not sales people, but in fact, if they receive a salary, it is because the company sells, because if it doesn’t, no money in nobody’s pockets! These five competencies I am going to mention are absolutely fundamental to those who have the formal role of sales and are also applicable to all other people who work in a company that produces, services or products, to sell to third parties.

You need to “No!” (and to know too!)

What do I mean by “You need to “No!”“? Just a little introduction to frame you: UpSideUp is in business since 2011 and I have been doing a win-loss analysis for the last 3 years. I am happy to say that we close more than 2/3 of our business proposals and I hear many people in the business talking about much lower success rates. Well, lets see: Our prices are fair! Quality is generally very good! Innovation is always present! We never failed! We have good customer references! All testimonials are positive! We have an average evaluation over 90/100! We never got late to a meeting! We write each proposal from scratch on a white page! We have a good Code of Conduct! Our Services are clear and al


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