LUCK? Counting on it!

August is ending and people are returning from vacation so it’s time to put our LUCK to work. Hard Work is clearly part of LUCK I am really counting on LUCK as the path for success! What really needs to be clarified is what does LUCK mean to me? LUCK is apparently a simple word, but for me it means a lot. It represents an FLA (four letter acronym) and it stands for: L = LABOR – if we work hard we deserve the results, and that does not necessarily mean working extra hours every single day – not that it does not help. We need to work hard during our working hours, whether we are an entrepreneur or we work for others. So, hard work is the firs element of luck; U = UNIQUENESS – each one needs to

The power of video animations

A video animation includes the power of images (visualization) and the power of storytelling. It’s like two for the price of one. By knowing this, many people, many marketeers or designers and many companies decide to use video animations of different types (whiteboard videos, motion graphics, mixed techniques) to promote their businesses, their websites, their brands, their services, their projects or products. It’s up to each one to decide the objective of the video animation, but having an objective is absolutely fundamental. Be careful about what you use on your video. Here you have some key factors for the success of your video: Use the appropriate length, according to purpose and audie

I dream things that never were…

“Some people see things as they are and say why. I dream things that never were and say why not?” – George Bernard Shaw Since I listened to this idea I immediately adopted it, as it makes all sense to me! Not that I Dare to dream… frequently remember my overnight dreams, but for sure I am a kind of “day dreaming” type person. There is another related idea, on a sentence by John F. Kennedy: “Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly.”. As I am an Executive Coach, I got curious about knowing if these ideas are applicable, so I started using strengths tests. Firstly I tested it on myself, as I was curious to confirm if I am from the “dreamer” type. I am not! I am a strategist and a p

Digital Transformation?

How do you see Digital Transformation? Why Digital? and why Transformation? For Digital Transformation organizations need to reinforce their organizational skills Well, it’s Digital because we live in a digital world and the inevitable tendency is that the technology will have more presence in all our daily tasks, in our lives, so companies need to be aware, follow this trend and, if possible, lead the way! And Transformation because that’s the process that companies need to go through, that’s the process that minds need to go through! Not the techys minds but the minds of the leaders, the minds of the influencers at all levels within any organization that wants to grow and any organization

The Power of Feedback

Thank you for opening this post! I really appreciate that you are a reader, that is so important for me. Feedback is so important! Thank you to all my team members! I really enjoy working with you. Those younger bring color, challenges, new ideas, risk, new relations, adventure, new apps and so much more to the company. Those with more experience (like me) bring calm, ponderation, wisdom, old relations… We simply cannot expect the same from everyone, so, giving individual and frequent feedback, whether it is positive or it includes ideas for improvement, is so powerful that you can’t imagine until you start doing it regularly. “Every behaviour has a positive intention” and “the map is not th

Motivation: intrinsic vs extrinsic

If we talk about people, one of the first thing that come to my mind is the theme of motivation. What motivates us? The most amazing experiences one can have most of the times are based on the high level of challenge we have faced, the incredible results we’ve achieved or the unimaginable or unexpected pleasure that we’ve sensed. And I am talking about “experiences”, not about the overall compensation, as that one may include, or not, all kinds of extrinsic motivation. These days every company is concerned about Customer Experience (CX), User Experience (UX), Digital Transformation or Digitization (DT) and, although many do not even have a concrete idea about what they are talking, those who

The Power of Visual Leaders

What are Visual Leaders? If a leader has a “vision” to take their organizations to a new level, if they want to create a sense of responsibility in others, if they want to promote their ideas, for sure the best way to show what they mean, in a clear way, is by using visual aids for that purpose. And Visual Organizations? You want to help others see? Talk to me! Those are Visual whenever their leaders and employees are able to communicate using visual supports, visual models, visual metaphors – to quickly illustrate what they mean, and also when they manage and structure their work through visual tools, as MindMaps® or Kanban®, as examples. When the organization – I mean, their managers and e

The Power of 15 minutes

Can you imagine the power of 15 minutes? No? Check it out! Once I heard someone saying that she didn’t read large books as it will take to long. When she reached the end of her life, the time has passed anyway and books were kept unread – in the end her vision was not so good… If  you do the the calculations you get to the conclusion that one single day has 1.440 minutes or 480 minutes along 8 working hours on a business day. The power of 15 minutes… everyday! Many people keep complaining that the day passes and they were not able to do everything they planed. There are many excuses as the email, the phone and other interruptions. They think that these “distractions” do not allow them to fin

Why changing?

If my first question is “why changing?” my second one has to be “why not?!“. George Bernard Shaw once said:”Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.“. So, as we are changing so many things everyday and so many things will change whatever we do, today we decided to change this blog. The seeds are launched, so now just let the blog grow! Until today we were using the WordPress address and now we have a dedicated web address ( so the blog can be found and memorized easily. Until today we were only writing occasionally and using only Portuguese and now we have decided to also use English. And you may ask why! Simple,

Industry 4.0

Podemos ficar perplexos ao ouvir falar pela primeira vez de Industry 4.0, pois não é comum ouvir falar da 3.0 ou de qualquer versão anterior. A primeira revolução industrial aconteceu com a utilização de energias auxiliares. Com o aparecimento da electricidade, das linhas de montagem e da produção em série surge a 2.0. Com a automatização de processos e máquinas e a introdução massiva das tecnologias de informação a 3.0. Industry 4.0 – pessoal de engenharia numa unidade fabril com equipamentos modernos computorizados A indústria 4.0 diz respeito à quarta revolução industrial, com a introdução da IoT (Internet of Things) e da IoS (Internet of Services). Com este enquadramento, é fácil sair da

O espírito ou o verbo?

Começo com uma pergunta: “O que é mais importante: o espírito de um acordo ou o que fica escrito, quando eventualmente mal transcrito ou incompletamente explicado no acordo?” Espírito ou verbo? Esta é a questão levantada pela UpSideUp Calculo que seja uma resposta difícil para qualquer um, pois os acordos escritos servem precisamente para ser usados quando há dúvidas em relação ao cumprimento do que foi acordado ou mesmo em relação a factores que levem à alteração das condições contratuais ou à extinção da relação. Eu, pessoalmente, sou muito pela relação humana, pela palavra e pelo espírito do acordo, entendendo que apenas nos devemos recorrer dos acordos em caso de conflito grave – que não


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