Empower yourself!

– Why should I ‘Empower myself’? > Because the vast meaning of the word ’empower’ opens a whole world of possibilities and because we are talking about ourselves, the most important beings on earth! – Ok! That might help, but how can I do it? -No! I am an architect! I design bridges. > Well, imagine that you are a sales person! – Got it! > Now, think! What does a salesman need to do for a living. – That’s easy, he needs to sell! > Right. That’s what a salesman does. And so, what about you? Are you a salesman? – No! I am an architect. I design bridges. > Ok. So you design bridges and everyone immediately loves your projects, gets the licenses, hires engineers, a construction company and then

The secrets of engagement

Some conferences, congresses, meetings, presentations, talks, etc. are amazing, some are There are a few secrets that make the difference! Just a few simple ones… You just need to plan, prepare, know about what you are talking, investigate, prepare yourself, be honest, be interesting and then, voilá, what they see is what they get! This is so true, but… how can they see it? Usually, most speakers use very elaborate Powerpoint slides, with very detailed and complex information, that they use as a guide for themselves… STOP! Are visuals  for themselves? Visuals need to be so elaborate? Visuals need to be complex? NO! Visuals need to be simple, easy to understand and not overwhelming. Sometimes

Don’t ask me to do it for free…

Do not ask me to do for free the only thing I have of some value: MY WORK! Please, pay the fair price for the work! Many people appreciate my work, and, thankfully, they are willing to pay for it. Some “appreciate” it, if I do it for free! I do my work easily and with great pleasure, what doesn’t mean that I didn’t invest a lot to be able to do it the way I do and it doesn’t mean that, by doing it with pleasure, I should not be paid for it! If you like my work, if it gives color to yours, if it helps people seeing what you say and what you mean, if it attracts the eyes of others, if it helps illustrating concepts, ideas, projects, talks, situations, if it creates synergy, if it is the target

You were invited to the meeting!

Yes, you were invited to a meeting. And now? As far as I know, this reality – the one I am going to descri And now? You may ask, as that is a normal doubt! Sometimes, when I am invited for a meeting, I have a lot of questions – and it was not supposed to! Some of those questions that arise to my mind are: Why this meeting? What is the purpose? Who will produce the agenda? Will produce? Why, is it not yet done? Who will lead the meeting?Why so many people? Do most people know what they will be doing there and what might be requested? I do not know, so I am worried! What shall I say? How shall I show my ideas (and about what?)? What will be my role? Who will take notes to do the minutes? And –

Do not read! Don’t you dare…

Don’t do it! Do not read this! Why have you started reading this? The title includes a warning, so you shouldn’t be reading these lines. Does this makes any sense at all? No!….. Yes! One of the areas I have dedicated more time studying is NLP – Neurolinguistic Programming. I did a Coaching training, for Practitioner, then an Executive Master Management Coaching training and, most of it was based on NLP! So I decided to study NLP itself, and I did go all the way, from my Practitioner to Master and then the Trainer. There is a lot I felt unconfortable with, but that’s the way it is! One of the most interesting things I’ve learned is that our brains do not unconsciously understand the meaning o

Gamification? …what?…

Gamification does not mean computer games. It’s much more! These last years a lot of new words enters our vocabulary and many times we use them without really knowing what’s their meaning. On the other hand, some people tend to appropriate those words and attribute them a certain meaning, which others may disagree. Gamification is one of these words. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary it means “the process of adding games or game-like elements to something (as a task) so as to encourage participation”. I entirely agree! The fact is that most people talking (or teaching) gamification refer to it almost exclusively related to computer games, whether they are just for easy fun or, even


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