Is there anybody out there?

This is from Pink Floyd, 1979. “Well, only got an hour of daylight left. Better get started” “Isn’t it unsafe to travel at night?” “It’ll be a lot less safe to stay here. Your father’s gonna pick up our trail before long” “Can Lorca ride?” “He’ll have to ride. Lorca, time to go! Chengra, thank you for everything. Let’s go.” “Goodbye Chengra” ” Goodbye, Missy!” “I’ll be back–one day” This is not 1979 now – most of you were not even born by then – but this is a question one must ask before going out of his home comfort and safety, as these days are not very safe. These days we cannot enjoy the company of our friends, we cannot do the things we love and are used to do, we cannot go place

Work from home?

Yes, today it is required… and along the coming days too! People talk a lot about working from home and then we need a disease like the one we currently face to effectively test the model. Work from home! There are countries where this seems more natural and some people would say that here in Portugal it will not work because when people go home, they think they are on vacation and are all already looking for the best way to deceive bosses … or teachers! So I think we will prove the opposite, we will prove that we are all capable of assuming our responsibilities and give our best, not only for our health and that of our families but also for our companies and our children, as there will be a

Trabalhar em casa?

Sim, hoje parece ter que ser e nos próximos dias também! Fala-se muito do trabalho a partir de casa e é preciso uma doença como a que enfrentamos para se testar o modelo. Há países onde ta Pois eu acho que vamos provar o contrário, vamos provar que todos somos capazes de assumir as nossas responsabilidades e de dar o nosso melhor, não só pela nossa saúde e das nossas famílias, mas também pelas nossas empresas e pelos nossos filhos, pois haverá futuro e precisamos delas e deles. Vamos provar que nos conseguimos reinventar. Medo? Não! Somos Portugueses e somos conhecidos pela nossa capacidade de “desenrascar”! Vamos provar que somos capazes! Eu estou a reinventar o nosso negócio e na próxima s


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