The most important question!

I’ve had enough! I’m tired of this confinement or lockdown, as some say. Daniel Perdigão, Innovation Consultant, Strategist & Visual Thinker

The new phenomenon!

Do you feel it? I do! Since we are confined at home, due to this Covid-19 – the so-called NEW Coronavirus – those who were not adapted had to adapt to diverse video conferencing tools, and those who were already adapted had to start using those tools much more frequently. But that’s not the new phenomenon! What I call “the new phenomenon” is the fact that we are now doing what we could have been doing for so long… and didn’t do! What and why?! Video calling with frequency to our friends, colleagues, family members, clients, partners, and so on… I have an international large group of friends and we usually exchange messages over mail, chat apps or text messages over the phone, but we did not

Are you feeling lost?

Some people are feeling a bit lost along with this new experience we are now living, the confinement due to the Covid-19! Many of my friends, colleagues, and family are having some difficulties dealing with the need to stay at home and, especially those that need to work from home, completely to somehow lost with the technology involved to work remotely. I am used to working alone at my office most of the time, as people that work with us can work from home or works at the customer’s facilities most of the time. Many days, along the last 9 years I work from home, as long as I don’t need any of the equipment I have in the office, like large printers, plotters or scanners, large paper boards o


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