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The new phenomenon!

Do you feel it?

I do!

Since we are confined at home, due to this Covid-19 – the so-called NEW Coronavirus – those who were not adapted had to adapt to diverse video conferencing tools, and those who were already adapted had to start using those tools much more frequently.

But that’s not the new phenomenon!

What I call “the new phenomenon” is the fact that we are now doing what we could have been doing for so long… and didn’t do! What and why?!

Video calling with frequency to our friends, colleagues, family members, clients, partners, and so on…

I have an international large group of friends and we usually exchange messages over mail, chat apps or text messages over the phone, but we did not have the habit of calling over a video conference app, so we can listen and see each other, eventually on a large group – like as in a party!

These last weeks I have participated or organized meetings, courses and conversations with groups or partners, customers, friends, musicians, teachers, students, family (the oldest participant with 92 years of age and the youngest with 1 month – with the mother), and even a birthday party – and I can just say “What a wonderful journey!”.

I am pretty sure that this will change the future of work and the future of relations overall.

Why drive for a meeting, with two hours in the traffic and half an hour looking for a parking spot, paying for all that and polluting the environment? – just imagine the amazing effect if just a quarter of all our unnecessary travels is replaced by video calls…

Why shall we send a text message or an email (or a series of emails) if we can talk on the video conf and discuss, define and decide whatsoever? – just imagine the time saved and the increase of effectiveness…

Why send a text message with a “happy birthday” message? Isn’t it much more human to see and listen to the person we want to congratulate? – just imagine how you would feel if you are the one celebrating your birthday when you get those video calls…

Let’s convert this new phenomenon into the new normal, saving time, saving the planet and improving personal relations.

Daniel Lança perdigão,

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