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Digital Transformation?

How do you see Digital Transformation? Why Digital? and why Transformation?

digital transformation organization skills

For Digital Transformation organizations need to reinforce their organizational skills

Well, it’s Digital because we live in a digital world and the inevitable tendency is that the technology will have more presence in all our daily tasks, in our lives, so companies need to be aware, follow this trend and, if possible, lead the way!

And Transformation because that’s the process that companies need to go through, that’s the process that minds need to go through! Not the techys minds but the minds of the leaders, the minds of the influencers at all levels within any organization that wants to grow and any organization that wants to survive.

So, the path is clear: Companies need to be transformed into Digital Enterprises.

A Digital Enterprise is an organization that focus all their efforts and solutions on the best experience for the people around it, whether they are customers, employees or any other partners. It’s an organization that leverages it’s technology in order to optimize and dematerialize end-to-end processes, so costs are deduced. It’s an organization that takes decisions based on secure information and provides 24×7 services through any possible channel (omnichannel).

Is this possible for any kind kind of organization? No, not for all organizations – some will die before achieving that status.

Is it possible to be done on their own? No, as the transformation is so fast, most organizations will need the support from specialists – not from those that simply follow the trend and adopt the “Digital Transformation” brand.

If you are a leader and you’re keen on Digital Transformation, look for help. Today!

Daniel Lança Perdigão, Visual Improvement Agent,

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