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The Power of Visual Leaders

What are Visual Leaders?

If a leader has a “vision” to take their organizations to a new level, if they want to create a sense of responsibility in others, if they want to promote their ideas, for sure the best way to show what they mean, in a clear way, is by using visual aids for that purpose.

And Visual Organizations?


You want to help others see? Talk to me!

Those are Visual whenever their leaders and employees are able to communicate using visual supports, visual models, visual metaphors – to quickly illustrate what they mean, and also when they manage and structure their work through visual tools, as MindMaps® or Kanban®, as examples.

When the organization – I mean, their managers and employees – understands the Power of Visual Communication, then they start doing visual meetings, using visual templates and work on visual and creative environments, so they will get to quicker decisions, visual structures and plans. Now, everyone, inside and outside the organization, clearly understands what needs to be understood!

When I work with companies, supporting them on the visual field – whether it is on training or consulting, whether I am using Mind Maps® or doing Graphic Recording or Visual Facilitation – I frequently listen to comments like “I do not know how to draw!”. Everyone knows how to draw! Most of the people simply “unlearned” the skills because of what happened along school days and because someone created some negative beliefs. Check Sir Ken Robinson’s Ted Talk “Do Schools Kill Creativity?“.

All communications can become a Visual Storytelling. You just need to take in account these simple 7 Steps:

  1. Use simple adequate design – not ornamentation;

  2. Personalization – adequate each organization and situation;

  3. Utility – use always, but only when useful;

  4. Personality – it should reflect culture and values;

  5. Images should make a richer story – look for real value;

  6. Amplification in real time– not fancy PowerPoint slides;

  7. Use Metaphors – we can build images without drawing…

As most people are visuals, obviously that using visuals will tremendously increase the Power of Communication. We all know that, so why are we not doing it?

If you do not know how to start, just find someone to help and use external resources whenever necessary!

Daniel Lança Perdigão, Visual Improvement Agent,

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