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The power of video animations

If an image is worth one thousand words, one video is worth one thousand still images.

A video animation includes the power of images (visualization) and the power of storytelling. It’s like two for the price of one.

By knowing this, many people, many marketeers or designers and many companies decide to use video animations of different types (whiteboard videos, motion graphics, mixed techniques) to promote their businesses, their websites, their brands, their services, their projects or products.

It’s up to each one to decide the objective of the video animation, but having an objective is absolutely fundamental.

Be careful about what you use on your video. Here you have some key factors for the success of your video:

  1. Use the appropriate length, according to purpose and audience

  2. Use original visuals, images you recorded, your drawings or pictures

  3. Use relevant content to your audience

  4. Use ideas that reflect experiences, rather than concepts

  5. Use a great script for the proper storytelling  – define the flow

I love videos! If it is supposed to explain a concept or promote any kind of idea, I will only watch it if it interests me.

How do I know it’ll interest me? Along the first few seconds, so it needs to have a strong beginning and use a compulsive message! Specialists know how to do it!

For how long will I watch it? Or you? Not too long. To keep my attention the video animation needs to have a certain number of characteristics and must not be too long. What characteristics and what length? Specialists know how to do it!

If you have the need and if you have the means, do not hesitate to use a video animation and be prepared to create a team for that “project” and to hire specialists to help you.

Visuals should work as an aid, not as a distraction!

Daniel Lança Perdigão, Visual Improvement Agent,

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