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The Power of Feedback

Thank you for opening this post!

I really appreciate that you are a reader, that is so important for me.


Feedback is so important!

Thank you to all my team members! I really enjoy working with you. Those younger bring color, challenges, new ideas, risk, new relations, adventure, new apps and so much more to the company. Those with more experience (like me) bring calm, ponderation, wisdom, old relations…

We simply cannot expect the same from everyone, so, giving individual and frequent feedback, whether it is positive or it includes ideas for improvement, is so powerful that you can’t imagine until you start doing it regularly.

“Every behaviour has a positive intention” and “the map is not the territory” – these are two interesting NLP pressupositions (neuro-linguistic programming). Knowing this why don’t we give more feedback? It is probably the only way to help others to fine tune their behaviours, to develop their will for personal development and to make them want to run the extra mile, as examples.

Do you want to try? Try today! Give feedback to your employees, to your boss, to your peers or to anyone you relate with. Learn from it. Enjoy the power of feedback.

Daniel Lança Perdigão, Visual Improvement Agent,

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