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Sales competencies? We can count them by the fingers!

I am talking about the 5 Pillars of Efficient Sales People  

In a large number of countries, including Portugal, there are very few who take on the role of “sales”, so today I decided to write about this topic, since I believe that in any company, we all have to be a sales person … and a very good one.

I know you can argue that not everyone receives bonuses, so they are not sales people, but in fact, if they receive a salary, it is because the company sells, because if it doesn’t, no money in nobody’s pockets!

These five competencies I am going to mention are absolutely fundamental to those who have the formal role of sales and are also applicable to all other people who work in a company that produces, services or products, to sell to third parties. And they are also useful to anyone who, in any other way, wants to “sell” their ideas.

And what are these five skills? Those are, without any specific order, the following:


This is undoubtedly a core competency for success, sales and for any other job.

To be able to manage ourselves, to plan our day, to focus on our personal development, to seek and find the tools we need, to define our own goals, to commit ourselves, to set our priorities and to frame them in the available time and to self-evaluate is decisive for our success, individually and for the collective to which we belong.

Effective communication

Always remember that communication is bi-directional and key to success in relationships between people.

It is much more valuable to each of us what we hear than what we say, for hearing means learning and speaking means – if we do it well – transmit and teach.

For effective communication in sales is undoubtedly much more important to hear the customer than to be talking about us, our company or our product or service.

Once we hear what the customer wants, will it not be much easier to position our offer?

Empathy and Partnership

I am mixing empathy and partnership, not by chance.

Whenever empathy is natural, partnership is present. It is not worth pretend that we are in empathy with the customer. This is manipulation and a relationship based on manipulation cannot last long, nor get good results for no one.

Partnership is to sell the customer what he needs, when he needs, in the needed quantity and for a fair price!

The sales person is often afraid to say “no”, especially to their bosses, but being assertive and knowing how to refuse a disastrous business is a huge advantage as it avoids future damage that destroys all of the (false) value previously generated! We know this story very well …

Focus on Goals

Focusing on goals – whether corporate or self-defined – is a key component of motivation, as it promotes our direction, provides us with the energy we need in each situation, and nourishes our personal ambition and self-esteem.

Being focused on the goals, even if we get distracted throughout the day, for different reasons, we always know how to find the right path and gain a real sense of urgency for what is fundamental.

Intelligent Independence

What do I mean by “intelligent independence”?

As always, I like to finish with a provocative view!

Nowadays there are a lot of discussions about the millennials and how the career is made of multiple experiences and that no one wants to be held to a company for many years … and they are right., In this aspect too, I am a millennial… although I was born many years in advance!

The truth is that staying for a few years with the same company is much more difficult and requires many more skills than “jumping” from company to company every year, because whenever we are in a new company we have a period of “state of grace” and as we are doing new tasks, we’re innovative and generally people likes us. However, it is difficult to maintain this status for a long time!

“Intelligent independence” is to be able to innovate and give the best of us, guaranteeing all the previous skills and having the humility to learn from those who can bring value, knowledge and experience that will support our own development, whether as a sales person, professional or human.

I believe in excellence and sharing, so putting together in the same company youth and experience, with these five competencies, is key to success, whether in sales or in any other job.

Is there any other job?

See you soon.

Daniel Lança Perdigão, Strategist & Visual Thinker,

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