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The Power of 15 minutes

Can you imagine the power of 15 minutes? No? Check it out!

Once I heard someone saying that she didn’t read large books as it will take to long. When she reached the end of her life, the time has passed anyway and books were kept unread – in the end her vision was not so good…

If  you do the the calculations you get to the conclusion that one single day has 1.440 minutes or 480 minutes along 8 working hours on a business day.

Time cube

The power of 15 minutes… everyday!

Many people keep complaining that the day passes and they were not able to do everything they planed. There are many excuses as the email, the phone and other interruptions. They think that these “distractions” do not allow them to finish their tasks, but the fact is that their procrastination does not allow them to start!

So, check out what one can do!

If you use only one period of 15 minutes per day, 22 days per month, 11 months per year, you get to 3.630 minutes – more than 60 hours!

If you give a good use to those 15 minutes, just imagine how many great books you can read along one year. You just need to be dedicated and focus along those 15 minutes per day. You may use some of those periods to develop some skills, as speed reading, for faster results, or mind mapping, for structuring your thoughts and improving your memory capabilities. Why not?

Knowing that you have 32 periods of 15 minutes along 8 working hours, why not get focused and give a good use to two or three 15 minutes periods every day, do what you need, do what you like and live your life!? Why not?

How long did it take to read this short post? More or less than 5 minutes?

Now you know! It’s simple, it’s cheaper and faster than a “time management” training.

Be the owner of your time. Now you know the power of 15 minutes!

Daniel B. Right, Business Consultant ,

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