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The secrets of engagement

Some conferences, congresses, meetings, presentations, talks, etc. are amazing, some are

good and some others stink!

There are a few secrets that make the difference! Just a few simple ones…

You just need to plan, prepare, know about what you are talking, investigate, prepare yourself, be honest, be interesting and then, voilá, what they see is what they get! This is so true, but… how can they see it?

Usually, most speakers use very elaborate Powerpoint slides, with very detailed and complex information, that they use as a guide for themselves… STOP!

Are visuals  for themselves? Visuals need to be so elaborate? Visuals need to be complex? NO! Visuals need to be simple, easy to understand and not overwhelming.

Sometimes we do not even have the chance to use Powerpoint, but we can use stories (storytelling) to create those images on the participants minds.

Whether it is the case – you may or may not use slides – you can always use the services of a Graphic Recorder, to stand in the stage with you and helping participants visualize your concepts along the way. Look at the advantages: visuals will be simple, as they are drawn in the moment, visuals are easy to understand as they are built simultaneously with the talk and they cannot be overwhelming as there is no time for that!

About the rest… well, the speaker needs to be prepared and all those skills may be developed with trainings and experience.

So, if you want to assure the success of a meeting or congress, call a Graphic Recorder!

Call me! See you.

Daniel Lança Perdigão, Strategist & Visual Thinker,

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