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I am guilty as charged!

Bingo Balls Showing Luck At Lottery

No, I never won a lottery…

Sometimes people say I am lucky, because I have this, own that, have success in a certain area or have very good friends. Let’s call it luck, for now!

We can have bad luck, no doubt, like accidents or diseases. And we can also have luck, very rarely!

But we can, for sure, contribute for the building of that, so called, “luck”.

I know so many people spending their time complaining about their bad luck, instead of investing all that valuable time building their luck, by looking for a job – if they don’t have one, looking for a customer – if they have something to sell or produce, looking for students – if they are teachers or simply looking for a white surface – if they like to paint or draw. Complaining?! That’s of no use, for no one!

Yes, I am lucky! Yes, I always look for the opportunities if they are out there, Yes, I build my opportunities if there are none on the horizon. Yes, I build relations, honestly and sincerely. Yes, I work very hard, every day, without complains of any kind! When I am tired, I rest for a while!

No, I never won a lottery, I never earned any prize from any kind of raffle… not even an insignificant one! Nothing! Nada!

Am I lucky? Yes! Guilty as charged!

See you, lucky guys!

Daniel Lança Perdigão, Strategist and Visual Thinker,

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