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Empower yourself!

– Why should I ‘Empower myself’?

> Because the vast meaning of the word ’empower’ opens a whole world of possibilities and because we are talking about ourselves, the most important beings on earth!

– Ok! That might help, but how can I do it?

business people and engineers on meeting

-No! I am an architect! I design bridges.

> Well, imagine that you are a sales person!

– Got it!

> Now, think! What does a salesman need to do for a living.

– That’s easy, he needs to sell!

> Right. That’s what a salesman does. And so, what about you? Are you a salesman?

– No! I am an architect. I design bridges.

> Ok. So you design bridges and everyone immediately loves your projects, gets the licenses, hires engineers, a construction company and then they simply build your bridges. Correct?

– No, that’s not so simple. What’s your idea? I said I am an architect, not a magician!

> Certainly. So what do you need to do in between?

– I need to perfect my idea, evaluate the needs, talk to many people, move some influences and sell…

> You said it! You said it!

– Well, I mean, I have to convince…

> You said it again!

– No, I just need to influence…

> And again!

– What do you mean?!!!

> You are saying that you need to SELL your idea, your project. You said it: sell, convince, influence…

– Ok, that’s what I have to do! That’s what we all have to do!

> But you told me you’re not a salesman!

– Well, when it comes to my projects I need to sell my ideas…

> So, you are saying that you are a salesman when it comes to your ideas?

– Yes, we may say so.

> Ok! So, now you know. Imagine one single person that does not need to sell their ideas…

– Hum….

> Right! Everybody needs to sell their ideas, so we all are salesmen!

– Never thought about it that way, but… You’re right.

> So, becoming aware of this, what do I mean by ’empower yourself’? I mean that we all need to develop our capacity to communicate properly, influence and sell our own ideas, whatever is our business or job!

There are many methodologies for this. We have one called MindSelling and it is a sales methodology for all, based on NLP (Neurolinguistic programming), and it helps developing language, awareness of ourselves and about the others, communication skills, empathy and so on, so we are successful in what we do: SELL!

See you.

Daniel Lança Perdigão, Strategist & Visual Thinker,

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