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Are you feeling lost?

Some people are feeling a bit lost along with this new experience we are now living, the confinement due to the Covid-19!

This blog is precisely about people’s experience, so why not write about this one in particular.

Many of my friends, colleagues, and family are having some difficulties dealing with the need to stay at home and, especially those that need to work from home, completely to somehow lost with the technology involved to work remotely.

I am used to working alone at my office most of the time, as people that work with us can work from home or works at the customer’s facilities most of the time. Many days, along the last 9 years I work from home, as long as I don’t need any of the equipment I have in the office, like large printers, plotters or scanners, large paper boards or any other large equipment I cannot bring home. All this just to tell you I am used to working from home.

What is really hitting me hard is the fact that I have completely lost control over time, meaning that the uncertainty of the end date of this confinement is not allowing me to program my activities as usual, from end to start, as in a reverse engineering process.

Lost, me!? No! I think I found myself again, as it happens in 2011 when I started my own company, UpSideUp!

I am updating my website, I have created an online store, I am producing online live training modules and courses and also contents for eLearning, I am producing videos and digital visual recording, drawing and studying like never before.

I believe we were never so connected as we are today. We are creating a real commUNITY!

Just please give me back control over time!

Lost? No!

Daniel Lança Perdigão,

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