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Are managers the best coaches?

These days – at least in countries where economy recently faced a strong downturn – no one leaves his job just because one doesn’t like his manager! But if things were easy in terms of getting a new job it will happen frequently. The question is why!

Rarely a manager gives employees the attention they deserve or think they deserve, simply because they are always busy doing other “things” (hopefully not more important than their employees!). But are those “things” really important? Or even urgent? Not sure! I assume that there is a high rate of ineffectiveness.

How can a manager manage and help employees succeed (and company succeed…) if he does not devote the appropriate time to them and do not ask the right questions, so he listens and understands his employees’ needs, concerns, problems, challenges and ideas?

I’ve met a manager that once told me, during a coaching session, that he supposes he is a bad manager as he does not found in himself any of the characteristics he believes are fundamental for a manager. He was so wrong! All his employees, with whom I previously spoke, told me he was a fantastic Manager and Leader, because he has the ability to establish great personal relations, listen to them and proactively ask questions whenever he perceives a difficulty of any kind! They follow him anywhere with no questions!

There is another lost opportunity for most managers: giving feedback as part of the coaching process. Most of them don’t do it!

We have created a methodology based on NLP to handle communication problems managers have. And they have a lot. We have worked with managers, from middle to top managers, that feels difficulty giving feedback to employees or simply communicating with others, public presenting or giving an interview.

Is there a solution? Yes!

Managers can work their ability to communicate with their employees and also learn how to better manage their day, by prioritizing what is really important along the day!

If a Manager does not want to change himself he needs to change the process and delegate those tasks to others, like giving feedback, communicate internally or with the market. Internal (with middle managers) or external (with specialized communication coaches and consultants) solutions need to be urgently implemented!

Why waisting more time? Get a solution!

Daniel Lança Perdigão, Strategist & Visual Thinker,

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